About Us

Welcome to the Mother's Pride World School

We thank you parents for entrusting your trust in us, as a good beginning to life is well recognized as the foundation for future development.

Mother's Pride World School (MPWS) is an educational institution a dream come true that unfolds the gift of life. Childhood is a magical time when creativity has no boundaries and children have infinite capabilities.

We at MPWS  provide a fun-filled and joyful learning environment that enables the blooming buds (Prideens) to develop love for learning. The importance of the early years to children's lives is now beyond question. Schooling should be about independent development of each child with focus on identifying the latent through vision and encouraging it through diligence to achieve excellence.

Our aim is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate children to become 'Lifelong Learners'. To achieve this our curriculum is so planned that it ensures holistic learning to take place in an innovative manner without coercion.

The programs that we offer help build all domains of development and enhances self esteem and self efficacy. we instill in our prideens good values that allows child to receive learning for life.

A child is a bundle of joy for their parents and they want that child to feel wanted and loved to cater to their needs we have well equipped and well-trained teachers who very well know to bring out the best from the students.

We closely track the progress of our prideens and ensure a secure feeling of a home away from. So, together let us strive to make child learn, grow, and shine.

Qualified Teachers

We Have Highly Qualified Teachers

Vandana D'souza